Product range


Coating system

According to your individual requirements a high quality foam is manufactured in Europe’s largest gelling dryer.

  • foam thicknesses up to 13 mm
  • washy suspensions based on synthesis- and natural latex or washy polyurethane-suspensions
  • foam weights of 200 g/l up to 600 g/l
  • processing of texture weights from 50 g/m² up to 1,500 g/m²
  • material width from 1.0 m up to 2.1 m
  • absolutely temperature-sensitive treatment from 80°C up to 150°C
  • multiple coating
  • profile coating
  • foam embossing

Rolls according to customer requirements.

  • material width from 0.8 up to 2.10 m
  • roll diameter from 0.2 m up to 1.8 m
  • packed in stretchfoil or UV-protecting foil, if necessary also seaworthy packing for container shipments

Tailor made cuts according to customer specifications.

Our automatic cutter cuts each kind of requested shaping up to 2.10 m width. The required patterns are created on a special CAD-workplace.

Foamed materials, carpets and textiles can be cut up to a thickness of 30 mm.